No-Stress Homeschool Rego Bundle
Everything you need for quick and easy planning and reporting

Homeschool registration can be scary and overwhelming - but don't worry, we're here to walk you through it!

In these 18 workshops you'll learn all the homeschool registration tips and tricks from parents who have had many plans approved and know the system inside-out.

It really is as easy as following through step-by-step, so you can quickly and easily create a plan that suits your family and will pass registration requirements with flying colours.

Get your access today and say goodbye to registration stress! 

18 Included Workshops

All future registration-based workshops will be added 

Registering to Homeschool in all states/territories - group workshop

Prepare your NSW Registration Document in a Few Hours - Karen Willson

Northern Territory Homeschool Registration - Jen Bauer

Registering with the HEU in QLD - Tamara Kelly

HESP writing in Tasmania - Vikky Harris-Newsham

How to Nail your AP Home Visit for Registration - Myfanwy Dibben

Reporting in Queensland Made Easy - Rachael Clark

How to smash your re-registration paperwork (even if you haven't kept records) - Tamara Kidd

Remove registration stress and get on with real home education - Tamara Kidd

Theme & Project Planning - Tamara Kelly

Chicken-Scratch Planning Workshop - Tamara Kelly

Unit studies - family learning with multiple ages - Patricia Fitzgerald

Translating everyday life for recording - Beverley Paine

How to retrospectively describe everyday life as educational attainment - Tamara Kidd

7 Simple Steps to Create Your Own Curriculum - Karen Willson

Taming the Curriculum Monster - Michelle Morrow

Creating and Benefiting from a Perpetual Primary Plan - Dana Hennessy

How to Follow the New Australian Curriculum and NESA syllabus - Michelle Morrow

Plus all templates, documents, and examples associated with the workshops

Australian Homeschooling Registration Bundle$25

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  • 1xAustralian Homeschooling Registration Bundle$25

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  • Do you cover all states and territories?
    We comprehensively cover QLD, NSW, TAS, and NT. We quickly cover WA, SA, ACT, and VIC. However, there is a LOT of overlap between states, and the comprehensive workshops will give you the information and tools you need for all states and territories.
  • Do you offer guarantees?
    Unfortunately not. The presenters have completed hundreds of successful plans between them, but as yours is completed by you we cannot offer any guarantee that it will be successful. However, there are people who will review your plan before submission or provide 1-1 assistance - please see the Further Resources section for details.